July 7, 2022

Kuih Lapis (Malaysian Steamed Rose Layer Cake)

This delightfully chewy rose-scented kuih lapis (lapis translates to “layers”) is popular in the Malay community, served either as a snack or for breakfast.

Lady Wong, a kuih and pastry shop located in New York City’s East Village, started as a pandemic project. Homesick for traditional Malay and Singaporean sweets, pastry chef Seleste Tan baked trays of pineapple cookies at home and gave them away to neighbors. When people came knocking on her door asking for more, the seed of this idea grew and Tan, along with her husband, chef Mogan Anthony, opened Lady Wong in the winter of 2021. While the bakery makes cakes and verrines flavored with gula melaka, pandan, and passionfruit, it’s the delicate and intricate kuih that draw most customers in. Kuih are bite-size snacks and desserts found across parts of Southeast Asia, China, and Brunei, characterized by their typical use of coconut for flavor and fat, and a starch—rice, wheat, or tapioca flour—for structure.

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Source: Epicurious

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