July 7, 2022

Shoot Low Or Shoot High? It Depends.

A favorite angle from which I love to make photographs is above my subject looking down. A favorite angle from which I love to make photographs is from down low looking up or across. Wait…these concepts contradict each other! How can both be favorites if they’re opposites? What it boils down to is based on one of my favorite ways to answer any photo question I’m asked: It depends. Is soft light better than harsh light? It depends. Is a wide-open aperture better than a closed-down one? It depends. Should I use a wide or telephoto to make that image? It depends.

With regards to the elevated point from where I make a photo, the higher up I can get, the more unique the view as most images tend to be made while the photographer stands. Reflect upon many of the images you’ve made in the past. How were you positioned when you pressed the shutter? I’d wager a lot of money that the majority were made while you stood in front of your tripod. This being the case, if you could do something to apply a unique angle to a commonly photographed subject, the image will stand out. Let’s look at some of the variables that need to fall into place.

When you add a unique twist to your images, viewers will study them longer as they try to decipher what makes the photo different. The longer someone looks at an image, the more it’s remembered. There’s a greater chance the viewer wants to know more about it and how it was created. All this adds to the possibility of greater name recognition, a potential photo sale, a possible future job or another grand happening.

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