May 25, 2022

Best Ever Charcuterie Board

This impressive Charcuterie Board is the essence of easy entertaining! Piled high with cured meats, cheeses, crackers, fruit, nuts and more!

I first fell in love with charcuterie (pronounced [shar-koo-tuh–ree] boards a few years back when I accidentally made one for Christmas. The reaction I got to this easy to prepare appetizer was epic to say the least. Charcuterie is the art of preparing cured or smoked meats. Charcuterie boards are essentially meat’s response to a cheese board, and boy are they good.

Since then, I make a point to serve them at special occasions and sometimes, just for a fun dinner.

The awesome things about charcuterie boards is that there is no end to the possible variations. Switching up a few ingredients yields something new and amazing each and every time. Everyone loves a meat and cheese board piled high with fun bites!

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