May 25, 2022

Cuban Fury | Official Trailer

Here’s the official trailer to the comedy/romance film ‘Cuban Fury’ starring Nick Frost & Rashida Jones. ‘Cuban Fury’ shares the story of a young dancer who loses his self-confidence when he is bullied on the streets of London. Twenty-two years later, he decides to awaken the dancer within him in order to woo his boss.

Beneath Bruce Garrett’s under-confident, overweight exterior, the passionate heart of a salsa king lies dormant. Now, one woman is about to reignite his Latin fire.

Cuban Fury Comedy, Romance, Sport | April 11, 2014 (United States)
Director: James GriffithsWriter: Jon Brown, Nick FrostStars: Nick Frost, Rashida Jones, Chris O'DowdSummary: 1987: A 13 year old natural born dancer with fire in his heels and snakes in his hips is working himself up to explode all over the UK Junior Salsa Championships. But then: a freakish bullying incident on the mean streets of London robs him of his confidence, and our young hero finds his life diverted down a very different path. So it is that 22 years later, an adult Bruce Garrett (Nick Frost) finds himself out-of-shape and unloved - trapped in a downward spiral of self-pity, repression and Nando's take-outs. Only Julia (Rashida Jones), his smart, funny, gorgeous new American boss, gives him reason to live. But she's untouchable. Out of his league, so he imagines, with her perfect smile and perfect life. Unknown to Bruce however, Julia has issues all of her own. Luckily for him, she also has a secret passion. Then there's Drew (Chris O'Dowd), his alpha male colleague and horny king-monkey of the office. With Drew making no secret of his desire to get (his words) "all up inside Julia", Bruce is forced into action. And thus, Bruce is once again brought face-to-face with the darkest and most powerful of his inner demons. Somehow, someway, and with a lot of hand-holding from loyal sister Sam (Olivia Colman) Bruce must learn how to unshackle his dancing beast, regain his long lost fury and claim the love of his life...and he's going to do it all On The Dance Floor... ?StudioCanal


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Young Bruce
Ron Parfitt
Young Sam
Bully #1
Bully #2
Bully #3
Security Guard Kevin
Female Client

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Countries: United KingdomLanguages: English, Persian, Spanish
Cuban Fury Comedy, Romance, Sport | April 11, 2014 (United States) Summary: Beneath Bruce Garrett's under-confident, overweight exterior, the passionate heart of a salsa king lies dormant. Now, one woman is about to reignite his Latin fire.
Countries: United KingdomLanguages: English, Persian, Spanish


Bruce:Synthetic, less friction means less blisters. Unless you like blisters. Who likes blisters?



Bruce:I have something you don't have. Do you know what that is?

Drew:Type 2 diabetes.

Bruce:Heart. Corazón... You know.

Drew:Women like that use guys like you to get advise about guys like me.

Bejan:This is The Goonie Time. Do you know about The Goonie Time?

Bruce:Hey. I just wanted to say sorry for being rude to you.

Bejan:Yes you were. You were very rude to me. You were kind of a pig to me actually. A rude pig.


Bejan:I'm kidding with you god! My name is Bejan nice to meet you!

[after Bruce has given an intensive performance during the half-final round of the dance competition]

Bejan:You can win this, Bruce.

Bruce:[panting]I haven't got much more left in me.

Bejan:Have a...?


Bejan:[holds up a soft drink bottle with a straw in front of Bruce's face]Drinkie?

Bruce:Nah, I don't wanna...


[Bruce obediently takes some sips from the bottle]

Bejan:Eye of the tiger, Bruce. Eye of the tiger!

Ron Parfitt:So some big boys gave you a shooing. You're a male dancer. You think I never took any shit? What you're gonna do about it, hey? What, you're gonna hide away, or maybe crawl under your duvet, and watch Bridget Jones Part 2, with some white Maltesers?

Bruce:What are you hiding?


Bruce:[curious]What are you hiding?


[removes his hands from the salsa competition flyer on the bulletin board]

Bejan:Santo Vito!

Bruce:Yeah, what... it's just another salsa night. So what?

Bejan:"So what"? Look at it, squashy chumps! It's a competition!

[tones down his voice]

Bejan:Sorry... Don't you see, this is your time, Bruce. This is the Goonie time. Do you know about the Goonie time?

Bruce:Yeah, of course I know about the Goonie time. My watch runs on Goonie time.

Bejan:So then you know, that it's *their* time up there, but it is *our* time down here. You can do this, Bruce. You can win this mother-funkie, and you can show the world what you're really made of. Think about it, what do you've got to lose?

[Before going out to dance club Boteco, Bejan is preparing Bruce with a makeover]

Bejan:Two more things: your hairy chest, and a tan.

Bruce:No, no, no!

Bejan:Yes, yes, yes, yes!

Bruce:No, no.

Bejan:Bruce, what year is this? Did we just go back in time? Did we step out of the DeLorean? Are we in 1985? Is this Hill Valley?

[knocks on Bruce's head]

Bejan:Think, McFly! Think!


Bejan:Sorry... So take this

[hands him shaving cream and razor]

Bejan:, and take this

[hands him bronzer lotion]

Bejan:. You've got ten minutes.

[pause, as Bruce is still standing baffled and motionless in front of Bejan]


[Bruce heads immediately for the shower room]

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