May 25, 2022

Inside the Battle to Save Compost in New York City

Earth-loving New Yorkers are drawing from an unlikely arsenal of activism, hip-hop, marathon city-council Zoom meetings, and one sassy pug to hold the city to its zero-waste commitments. If they succeed, the environmental benefits could be huge.

A pandemic was not going to deter Lou E. Reyes from composting. Even at the height of New York City’s early wave of COVID infections, Reyes masked up and dutifully lugged his bag of food scraps to his neighborhood’s collection site in Astoria, Queens. In late March 2020, however, Reyes arrived to find a sign stating that the sanitation department had indefinitely suspended all composting services. Organic scraps would now be sent to landfills rather than converted into compost. “I had a moment of panic,” Reyes says. “I saw a garbage can there, full of food scraps, and I was like, I cannot.”

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